We'd like to thank those who support and sponsor our research.

West Coast Paranormal Research Society has prided itself in bringing excellence to the field of paranormal research . We provide free investigations with the latest technology. To do so, WCPRS has been funded out-of-pocket by its members. Unfortunately, equipment, gas, batteries, and supplies can be very costly. If you would like to help support WCPRS in our research by contributing a monetary donation, please click the "Make A Donation" link below. WCPRS would also be happy to accept any equipment you may wish to donate. To donate equipment, please contact us here Troy@wcprs.org

West Coast Paranormal Research Society also has a sponsor program. WCPRS would advertise your company by using your logo on the website, shirts, and equipment. There are many ways you can sponsor WCPRS. Contact us here to find out how. Troy@wcprs.org