I've always had a fascination for the paranormal.  Back when I was a kid, I used to avidly read ghost stories and anything related to the paranormal.   My first real encounter with what I believe was paranormal was late one night when I was about 11 and I heard someone rattling the padlock to the garage door directly below my bedroom.  It was so loud it woke me up. I peeked out the window and there was no one there and yet the rattling continued for some time. I remember being petrified and I had to wake my parents. My dad went down to investigate but there was no one in sight and no one on our dark street.  Let me tell you that I slept with my lights on for some time after!  I also remember the smell of perfume wafting through my bedroom and when I went looking for my mother to ask her if she had just put some on, she would look at me as if I were crazy because she had not.  I couldn't figure out where the perfume scent came from and as quickly as it had come, it disappeared.
Back in 1993, my husband and I had our first paranormal experience together shortly after his mother passed away.  We were in her room, and going through her paperwork when we distinctly heard a woman sigh directly behind us.  That was enough to make us want to pursue the possibility of a haunting in our own home. We've had many strange experiences: cold spots, doors that would open on their own, personal possessions that would (and still do) disappear, never to be found again. 
Now I am interested in the study of the paranormal, finding its true source and proving its existence.


12 years experience Administrative and Customer Service

 2 years experience Graphic Design

 13 years investigating with West Coast Paranormal Research Socirty .

  3 years assisting film company called Cool Guy Films