I have had an interest in paranormal experience since I was a child living in Discovery Bay, Jamaica. A local shaman, “Obeah Man,” who worked in our home, introduced me to the native traditions of the Obeah. He told me of the world of spirits and duppies, (ghosts) and how he would interact with them. My family traveled to various places for my father’s work as an engineer, and in each place I enjoyed discovering the local folkloric traditions and haunted places. This interest in story folklore and myth continued throughout high school and led to the study of the works of the psychologist Carl Jung.

My first regular paranormal experiences occurred after the death of my father when I was 16. Our house was reported as haunted by several friends and, in fact, certain people were afraid to enter our home. And though my family shared many of these experiences, we believed the haunting to be my father and felt that he would never harm us. The haunt in my mother’s home has never harmed or frightened a member of our family.

I had to work through college and would often have to take a semester off to pay for the next semester. During this time I became a Theatrical Technician and later Technical Director and Consultant to Disney Entertainment, Universal Studios Tours, Claremont Colleges, and other smaller companies. Early in college I decided that I would attempt to find out more about the paranormal experiences I have had by studying the Western Traditions of Magic and Alchemy on my own. Eventually I completed my BA, went on to a Masters and finally completed a Ph.D. in Psychology. I also joined and rose to leadership in groups that study the Western Esoteric Traditions. During that time, I have attempted to find ways to scientifically study and verify the existence and phenomenology of both spontaneous paranormal events, like hauntings, and those that occur as a result of human action through the various traditions of magic.