27 Years as a loving sister to an older brother and an older sister and a daughter to a dedicated father.
4 Years as a devoted mother to my little boy Kaleb
3 Years as a Showroom Manager for an interior finishing company called Wolf Gordon, Inc.




I am fun loving and kind hearted and want only the best for my friends and loved ones. I love ghost stories and scary movies and am fascinated by a good thrill. I  crave the excitement of cheap thrills and sticky situations. I don't have many paranormal experiences, at least nothing I can write home about. But, I do believe there is something out there more than the physical and the obvious and worth looking for. I am a Christian and find my faith carries me to believe in the almighty  and his angels. I am exited to be apart of a strong and dedicated team like WCPRS and would be glad to call it my second "family".