B.A. in Biology

10 years in private and public education teaching biology, earth science, physics, chemistry and environmental science

3 years practitioner of Reiki

Healing Hands student level 2

Certified Qi-gong instructor

3 years nationally Certified Massage therapist




My earliest paranormal experience that I can recall was when I was about four years old.  I was living with my parents in Fullerton in a relatively new house when I heard my mom call my name.  I went to my parent’s room to see what she wanted but she said she didn’t call my name.  Later that same week I heard the TV on down the hall but when I went down to see what was on, the TV was off.  I also had extensive knowledge of things I couldn’t know.  My parents said I would relate this information with such confidence that they were sure I had heard it somewhere else but when I was asked where I got the information from I would say I just knew it.  Since then I have had countless other paranormal experiences including some that occurred during religious retreats on sanctified ground. 

I try to balance what I think I feel and know with what I can prove scientifically.