10 years in Transportation /Supervisor
3 years as a barista at Starbucks
2 years Computer Animation/ Freelance Artist





I have had many paranormal experiences since I was a child and they terrified me. I was told that I they were figments of my imagination. So the subject became intriguing to me. I wondered how could it all be in my head but other people had things happen to them too? I have seen shadows, heard footsteps, seen lights turn on by them selves, things disappear and then reappear right where I knew they were, I’ve been touched and I have even had a loved one call out to me from beyond to let me know that they were ok. As I got older I learned to shut things out and find reasons to try and explain away the weird things that happened around me. Sometimes there’s no reason at all. I am grounded by Science, guarded by Faith, and guided by Instinct.