25 years experience as professional audio engineer
28 years experience in electronics, electro-mechanical, robotics and computer 
design and manufacturing. Advanced knowledge and practical experience in all 
forms of building construction including electrical and plumbing.




For the past quarter century I have worn many hats, I am recognized as a world 
class recording engineer, as well as musician and writer/producer. I am 
passionate about the hard sciences and I have been professionally involved in 
designing and building many different types of electronic and electro-mechanical 
devices. Of course it would follow that I am also a computer wizmonkey. I have 
an in depth background and a lifelong facination with the fields of Physics and 
Materials Sciences.

I have studied and continue to study world religions as well as western and 
eastern medicine. My hobby is designing and building various types of hydrogen 
based engines, generators, and fuel cells.

I bring my technical expertise to the new field of paranormal science in hopes 
of contributing to the knowledge base as well as helping those who may find 
themselves in circumstances beyond their control.

I have experienced several paranormal situations in my life and I am a firm 
believer in what Shakespeare wrote:

" There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your 

As well as Albert Einstein’s

“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit 
who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail 
and feeble mind.”