Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Sociology
Researcher for a University Professor in the Home Health Care Field
Counseled Abused Women and Children
Nutritional Counselor
Social Worker for the Elderly
College Admission Secretary
Created and Wrote Advertising for a local company
Property Management Secretary
Tutor students in English, Grammar, and Reading




Personal experiences have led me to the paranormal.  I lived in a very active house for 12 years.  In that house I had experienced gray mists, screaming, odors, pictures coming off walls, things being thrown from counter tops, doors slamming, doors locking on me and music coming from radios and stereos that weren't plugged into any outlets.  After going through years of being afraid has led me to seek out the unkown.  I have an inquizzative mind and am fascinated with history concerning the paranormal.  I am excited to be a part of WCPRS and look forward to investigating and helping those who may be experiencing unusual occurrences in homes and businesses.