Investigator/Medic for the Sci Fi Channel's television show DESTINATION TRUTH Season 3.0 (NBC/UNIVERSAL).
17 years in Emergency Medical Services.
12 years experience working as a Paramedic.
5 years experience working as a Firefighter.
4 years experience in digital and traditional video and photography.
2 years experience in Film and Television.





"Imagination is the key that opens the door to endless possibilities."  -- Me

I have always considered myself to be a skeptic.  Looking back I have been fascinated with Science and sought explanation to all things unknown to me.  I was the only student in my elementary school to read EVERY science book in our school's library.  However, there were experiences I had growing up that had no scientific explanation.  I lived in a large home located in the foothills of Central California as a child.  I would awaken in the night to a man dressed in Native American clothing standing in my room.  He had no other discernible features but I knew he was a man by his broad shoulders.  His form was translucent and he had a soft, white glow.  Frightened, I would slowly climb out of bed and make my way to my parent's door upstairs.  The ghostly visitor would follow me through our house and up the stairs, hovering inches above the floor.  I was too ashamed of my fear to knock on my parent's bedroom door for refuge so I would lay on the stairs and cover my eyes, begging for the visitor to go away.      My parents would find me asleep on the stairway the next morning. Soon after these incidents began our family found Native American artifacts while digging a well on our property.