30+ years experience as professional Electrical/Software/Systems Engineer
Practical experience in building construction including electrical and plumbing




I am pretty much a "jack of all trades" with a very broad background and experience range.  I started out as a student engineer for a Power Company working on hydro-electric dams, transformer stations, and distribution lines.  After graduating from the U of W with a BSEE, I have worked in a variety of areas from designing computers and displays, to developing new approaches to software development.  I grew up on a farm, with a very industrious family, and have done everything from farming, working on tractors, to remodelling and new house construction.

I am a perpetual student, currently finishing a Masters in Engineering, and PhD in Theology.  But, these are not my only interests... I have continued to study history, physics, emerging science and technologies, world religions and practices, metaphysics, and folklore. My hobbies are ghost hunting, sewing, quilting, gardening, golfing, skiing, travelling, wine tasting/collecting, art ... and the list goes on!

I bring my technical expertise to the field of paranormal investigations, as well as my scientific/engineering approach to problem solving.

I have experienced several paranormal situations, and want to continue to research the phenomenom.