20 years as a trainer
14 years as a Human Resources Professional
3 years as a Contract Administrator
Bachelors Degree in Research Psychology
Master Degree in Human Resources
Master Degree in Organization Development



I’m not the first kid whose grandmother returned after death to say goodbye and that everything was fine. At the time I did not think it was usual. Nor did I connect it with the phenomenon I read about in my paranormal books. (I checked out every paranormal and mystery book the diligent librarians could get for me in order to better understand the “active” house we lived in.)

In 1993, I began to shy away from paranormal study when I experienced a possible near death experience (NDE). My earnest contemplation of the paranormal retuned somewhere 1997. The more I learn the more realize how little we understand the world around us.

I am very excited to be with a group such as WCPRS.