Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing 23 years
Paranormal investations 2 years


I had first hand experience with the paranormal when I bough my own home. Although I was the first owner to a brand new home,  I had a lot of unexplained things happen the first week my family moved in. Lights ,TV, smoke alarms, and small appliances turning off and on by themselves , It  happen so frequently  I finally  asked my new neighbors  (we all moved around the same time) if they had any electrical problems. Still not believing it could have been paranormal ( I believe that stuff only happen in the movies) I had the electric company come in and change my fuse box. It did not help, and the activity grew stronger. We would hear dresser drawers  and cabinet doors open and close. The whole family would see  doors slam shut and curtains move even when there were no breeze. I don’t scare easily until I witness a car toy roll across the room.  After 15 years the family just learned to get use to the weird occurrences . We never tried to communicate with it. We did bless the house twice which helped quiet the house for only few months but it always came back. I was never afraid, only curious about why does things like this happen and why not to everyone, Or is it because no one wants to talk about it?