West Coast Paranormal Research Socirty members follow a strict Code of Conduct during all investigations. We take a scientific approach to investigating the paranormal and look at all natural explanations before we determine what we find is of paranormal origin. 

1.    No smoking on investigations as this may create false ecto mist pictures.   

2.    Avoid taking pictures in the rain, snow, high winds, or when fog is present.  This may also create false anomalies toappear on pictures.

3.    When breath is visible due to cold weather, ecto mist pictures will be considered to have a natural explanation.

4.    Camera straps should be placed around the neck or wrist, or removed before a picture is taken. This will avoid the ..camera strap getting in front of the lens and creating false vortex-like pictures.

5.    Avoid taking pictures of reflective objects, as flash reflections can cause false anomalies on film and video.

6.    Be aware of dusty locations, and allow dust to settle before photographing.

7.    During warmer months, be aware of insects, humidity, and pollen floating in the atmosphere.  All of these can createanomalies that look to be paranormal. 

8.    Always clean camera lenses and equipment before and after each investigation.  Check camera lenses during aninvestigation and make sure they are not smudged, fogged, or dusty.

9.    When taking pictures, always look for cobwebs floating in the air or stretched between two objects.  Spider webs cancreate a line that looks like a streak of light on your picture.

10.    Be aware of animals in the area. Animal eyes can reflect and cause green or orange dots on your pictures.  Also beaware that when using a night shot video camera, the eyes will glow and reflect because of the infrared light.  

11.    No drugs or alcoholic beverages at any time.

12.    Do not use any vulgar language while investigating.

13.    Cemeteries, buildings, houses, or any other location that we investigate will be treated with respect and leftundisturbed. 

14.    Always survey the investigation site in advance. Look for reflective surfaces, background lights, dangerous areas,places to set up equipment, and power lines or any other manmade source that might interfere with your EMF meteror other equipment.

15.    Never investigate alone.  

16.    Set up a controlled environment when possible.  Monitor everything and know where each investigator is at all times.

17.    Be extremely quiet during investigations, especially while trying to capture voices on audio tape (EVP).

18.    Avoid strong smelling colognes or perfumes.  Ghost or spirits sometimes make their presence known by certain smells.

19.    Always write down time and location of any paranormal event, including any unusual smells, feelings, or noises thatyou might encounter.

20.    When trying to capture EVP, write down the natural noises you hear in the background so you will not confuse it withsomething else later. 

21.    When trying to capture EVP, always survey the surrounding area for people, and cars parked with the radio on.  

22.    Always research the history of the location that you are investigating.  

23.    Interview any witnesses that have experienced paranormal activity at the location being investigated.  Write down, in detail, their experiences.

24.    Look at all natural explanations before determining  that what you have found is something paranormal.  Be skepticalbut open minded.